Party Planning Ideas

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Want To Have A Party? …Then Have One!

Listen, you don’t need a special occasion to have a party. Spontaneous party plans can create excitement and  rejuvenate your whole life with something  to look forward to. There is nothing like being around friends and family  in a fun atmosphere.  Just pick a theme, a date and time,  and call us. We will help you plan it, work out the details, and get those invitations out to your guest list.


                 PARTY PLANNING IDEAS

Murder Mystery party– Someone has been murdered during the festivities- There are 10+ suspects- including you!- By the way, where were you exactly when Mrs Wilson got shot?

Roaring 20’s party– Bring out the flapper in you- short skirts, bobbed hair- wild, sexy, and a free spirit! Just grab the nearest man and rip the Charleston on the dance floor. It’s 1925 all over again!

Italian themed party– Everyone must dress in traditional Italian clothes- add some Italian Opera music (or even Dean Martin singing Italian hits) to establish the right mood – Serve lots of pasta and canolli  (and maybe some fine wine)-Mangia! (this can really work with any ethnic group- Irish, German, Russian, etc)

Masquerade party– Pick your masque and ornate costume and mingle among the guests. Who said we have to wait for Halloween?

Movie themed party-Pick any movie – old or new – and act out some of the scenes at the party. every person will have their own costume and character to represent from the movie. This is huge fun- and a challenge to all participants to authentically look the part and know their dialog seamlessly! How about some of these suggestions – Dirty Dancing- The Godfather- Rocky- Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs- Footloose- Blues Brothers- the list is ENDLESS…..

Rich and famous party– Dress to the nines, flaunt your jewelry, and discuss your latest financial coup. This party is being held on a 65 foot yacht- and  only millionaires have been invited, so you’d better look the part, because you never know who you’ll meet there!

Dancing with the non-stars– get a partner and practice hard before the party is held because the other party-goers will be the judges for your final performance! Do I hear Tango music starting to play? Let the dancing begin…

Beach party– Bikinis and tropical drinks allowed- Pretend you’re on Venice Beach and put on some Beach Boys tunes.  It’s instant summer!! (better bring your surfboard)

Use your imagination………


Get the gang together and do a brain dump for the kind of party you’d love to throw.  Everybody will come up with their own unique ideas, so have a pad ready. If you need more ideas than that, Check out the link below. This list is crazy!

Here’s an incredible list of party theme ideas. We guarantee you’ll find one here. Enjoy!

Simple Party Designs in Kings Park  is a one stop party planner who will take care of all the details of your party as you relax knowing  that the event  is in professional hands… and…… that party day is going to be mega- fun!