A centerpiece is defined as a “decorative object or arrangement which is placed at the center of  a table”.  Simple Party Designs has created hundreds of  different centerpieces through the years, ranging from a single beautiful flower in a vase to an elaborate multi-object display which leave  lasting impressions on the guests.

Some customers like to bypass traditional centerpieces  for a more contemporary look. SPD gets many requests for “themed” centerpieces which will relate to the event or party being held (i.e. a Lacrosse stick  mock-up for a sport team’s victory party), or for a particular favorite movie theme, there may be mock-ups of objects that appeared in the movie.

It is really only limited by the imagination of the people throwing the party. Simple Party Designs will work hand-in-hand  with the party organizers to create whatever they want. This can be a fun project for everyone involved. Bring us all your ideas, tame or wild, and together we will see what we can do!


A Lacrosse team victory!

feathers and lights. Wow!

Feathers and lights. Wow!


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Beautiful tinted ball jars

Beautiful tinted ball jars

A delicate crocheted look

A delicate crocheted look








Floating candles rule!

Floating candles rule!

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Centerpieces of many kinds










Cocktail Centerpieces many kinds

Cocktail Centerpieces
many kinds





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